A look behind the code

Jason Rhee is a full stack engineer that has developed much of the back-end code for FlashFrame and wanted to detail his insights for our blog.

Working with technology at FlashFrame has really brought me a lot of insight into the technological trends of the era. Utilizing state of the art computer vision technology has certainly been a learning experience. Flashframe strives to provide comfort and usability to all people, especially photographers with many different experiences and runners looking to buy affordable race photos with a click of a button.

In order to produce these results, I began with market research, sending out surveys to as many people as my average social media skills could amass. Based on survey results I realized that in addition to bib numbers, runners would like to be able to query their photographs by other means, namely shirt color. I set about creating a new algorithm to bring this feature to our users. Working on the algorithm was a fun challenge and really brought a lot of the methods I'd learned in school and skills I've gained full circle. I think many people will really appreciate a new way of dynamic photo searching. Wink wink, check out our newest update launching soon.

Auto-tagging pictures brought a slurry of challenges. I can't count how many times someone has asked me, “What happens if the platform can’t read the number?” Good question! We have been hard at work trying to eliminate this problem. Our steps towards advanced searching have yielded a fuzzy query that allows bib numbers to be predicted on search. The survey also provided insight on photographer patterns and many were pleased to have the upload process so streamlined. Many photographers were also very interested in going to races for their first time in order to use our platform! The experiences working on such a brand new, technologically advanced platform has taught me so much about adapting to a constantly growing environment and discovering new and creative methods to solve problems and innovate new algorithms.

I hope you all enjoy the new features rolling out on our site. Get out there and take some photos!