Marathon Tips (by the Mile Marker)

Declan was an All-American in Track and Field in the 800m after finishing third at indoor NCAAs, and sixth outdoors. He holds the school records both indoor and outdoor for the 800m at Loyola University Chicago where he graduated with a degree in economics. He ran post collegially for the New Jersey-New York Track Club as well as the Irish national team, and is now leading up outreach and partnerships for Flashframe.


The hardest week of training is nearly over. Yep, this taper is driving you nuts. Days off? Short runs that feel terrible? WAY MORE ENERGY THAN YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH? What is this madness? Well, race day is almost here and all that extra energy will go to good use. Here are a few tips on how to harness that to get the extra edge over that guy who is a little too close for comfort in the corral on Sunday morning.

Use the bathroom for goodness’ sake.

MILE 0.1
Sharpen your elbows for the start. It can get a little claustrophobic in the corral so if you can’t find any room, make some. You might make a few new friends in the process!

Don’t put your headphones in until you clear the first turn. You’ll need all available senses to weave through the chaos of the start. I love Britney Spears just as much as the next guy and gal, but I would prefer to make it through at least a mile without eating pavement.

You see the golden arches as you hit that turn. Your mouth is watering, but please don’t stop for a sausage egg and cheese. They have breakfast all day now. It can wait until you finish. The bathroom lines are long enough.

Read the signs. Sing a song that you hear along the course. Wave to your friends and family. Wave to strangers. It’s like that long run, but it’s actually fun this time!


MILES 18-25
Just grind it out at this point. You’ve already heard it all but now you get to experience it. And maybe you do need that bathroom break.


MILE 26.2
Get all the free bananas you can eat. The unofficial world record for most bananas in the medical tent is 11.5, and only 7 in the finishing chute. It’s the only free thing you’ll get today AND you can spend the next hour napping instead of standing in line waiting for that sausage egg and cheese you’ve been craving for 24 miles.

MILE 26.3
Spend all the money you didn’t spend on your race entry, hotel, flights, taxis and dinners on your exorbitantly priced race photos! Or spend $6.99 at and buy the next round. You’ve earned it.