Staffing for Photographers

We’re happy you’re joining the new FlashFrame photography network. The flow for photographers seeking hire on our platform follows a pretty simple user flow, split across two tabs within the Staffing section of the FlashFrame site. You can refer to this diagram to explain the flow if you're ever confused.

Hire Diagram

The first thing you’ll need to do is adjust your settings so that you’re open to viewing applications and roles on the FlashFrame network. You can do this in the main settings page by checking the box for Seeking Work.

Available For Hire

Now that you’ve confirmed these settings you’ll be able to review open applications and receive direct proposals for work from FlashFrame in the Find Work ribbon. Applications can be created by any event owner on FlashFrame. Keep in mind you may only apply for a single role per event, so select the position you'd prefer to work and that meets your experience level.

How to Apply1How to Apply2
Clicking on the Apply button will allow you to review specifics for the event, including location, date and payment information. If you’re interested in working this event, you can check the boxes consenting to the specifics of the role, and send an optional message to the photographer to view with your application. This may be a link to your portfolio, or details of past experience. Once you’ve applied you’ll show this application as pending until the photographer either accepts or rejects your application.
Pending Applications
If your application for work is accepted, you’ll receive an email notification, and will now be staffed for this event. An alternative Pending Application you may see will have a blue background. This is a proposal FlashFrame has sent directly to you. This will have a different action button to Accept. If you accept this role, you will agree to work this event and will hired as staff for the event.

In either case, you’re now hired for your upcoming event! Once you’ve been hired, all of the information you need will be available on the Your Jobs ribbon.

Your Jobs
Here you’ll need to complete a few steps before the day of your event. The first item here will be to review and confirm the contract for the upcoming event. You’ll need to electronically sign this document before the event. A hard copy will be emailed to you afterwards.
Contract Approval
Once the Event Owner also approves the contract you’ll be ready to shoot the event. Keep an eye out for emails from the Event Owner with detailed information ahead of the event. In the case that you need more information, you can reach out directly to the Event Owner via their included email from the My Jobs tab.
Photographer Contact
From this point, all should proceed as a typical event, you’ll be able to upload photos directly to the album, and upon meeting the requirements of the contract, you’ll be paid through your Stripe account.

As this is a Beta, we're very open to feedback and don't hesitate to follow up at with feedback on how to improve this experience. We'll also be including updates to improve the experience in near future including geographic searching for events.