Standardization in Photo Upload Size

Flashframe has been making strides to better integrate with social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. You'll see now that once a photo is purchased that there is an option to immediately share. Facebook will deny any requests for photos above 4MB and prevent their upload. While Flashframe could take action to downsize photographers images when uploaded, we feel it is not in the best interest of our photographers to take this action for them, potentially distorting the way they intended their photograph to be seen.

Due to this Flashframe will only be able to support images of file sizes equal to or below 4MB. Before we made this decision, we talked to multiple photographers on our site and confirmed that 4MB provides enough of an opportunity to support a wide range of printing sizes, while ensuring that our photographer's brands can be carried to social media and increase their reach. This should also significantly reduce the upload time of many photographers on our website help speed up servers and prevent processing delay, which may have been noticeable on certain weekends.

For photographers not familiar with how to downsize images, there are multiple methods in achieving high-resolution photographs under 4MB. If you use an editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom, there is an ability to export at specific JPEG resolutions. Alternatively, for those photographers that usually upload from camera straight to Flashframe, make sure your camera is set to take photos at a medium resolution and that your compression is set to course or step. While the actual size of the image can also have an effect on image size, the resolution setting will drastically increase the file size. Make sure to take a test image, preferably one similar to what you might shoot at a race to check the file size before you take thousands of photos at a race!

We realize this situation will not work for all photographers and in specific circumstances, we will make exceptions, but this will require an upgraded Flashframe account. Please contact if you would like to further discuss options with regard to upload and photograph size.