Why We Created Flashframe

Why was I even thinking of this space? I'm an avid runner and in my ten plus years running, I have a limited number of photos of myself running, yet alone a handful where I look decent enough to post or share with my friends. I would pay hundreds for a photo that captured some of my running memories, but few exist, as few photographers were ever at the cross country or track races I ran--but I know they exist somewhere, on some parent's memory card, waiting in cyberspace.

Many of my friends had a similar sentiment when it came to their road races. A few friends have just gotten into road racing and when it came time to look at their photos, they were interested, but not interested enough to pay for photos in the range of $30 to $40.

Thus with just myself to begin the work, I started the process of building a photography platform. We decided to call it Flashframe to really capture the essence of what we're doing: capturing or flashing a memory and frame in time. As this moves forward I hope that our company can change the way that photography and running are seen together. No longer should a good photograph cost you an arm and a leg, nor should it be difficult to find a good one of you.

A grainy 2008 memory

Lucky enough, a longtime high school track rival just added me on Facebook, and with it came a series of photo tags from 2008. I was happy to finally see some of the pictures where I got handily beat, and with 2008 pixel definition to suit. But I would say any picture is better than none, and its definitely a memory that will last a lifetime. I hope with Flashframe we can bring that same satisfaction to other runners and other people looking for great photos. Happy snapping!