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FlashFrame Pricing Explained

FlashFrame charges all users for 3 major services

  • 1. Image Tagging
  • 2. Image Storage
  • 3. Commission on photo sales

Additional Services are available for Free and Premium users.

  • 1. Email Marketing (All Users)
  • 2. Stats and Data Analytics (All Users)
  • 3. Autocam Tagging (All Users)
  • 4. Custom Whitelabel Website (Premium Users Only)
  • 5. Google Analytics Integration (Premium Users Only)

Photos that are made available for free download cost $0.05 to upload, this includes fees for tagging and storage for one year. Photos sold through your account, i.e. Photo Price > 0, will not incur a tagging or storage cost for one year. FlashFrame takes a 31% commision on photos sold through the site. You can use the calculator below to determine your average monthly cost

Photos for Free
Photos for Sale
Photos > 1 Year Old
Estimated Yearly Cost
Tagging $ {{taggingPrice}}
Subscription $ {{subPrice}}
Storage $ {{storagePrice}}
Total $ {{totalPrice}}

Estimate Your Earnings with FlashFrame*

Photos Tagged
Estimated Revenue $
Emails Sent
Estimated Yearly Earnings
Take Home Profit $ {{photogCut}}
Tagging Savings $ {{taggingSavings}}
Email Savings $ {{emailSavings}}
Total Earnings $ {{totalSavings}}

*Savings calculuated for savings against competitor products for tagging and email distribution