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Free options for races and participants as well as advanced features to bring your event to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does FlashFrame work?

    Race photos are a hassle. We solve this problem by creating a single place to share photos, connecting photographers and runners. Photographers can now take photos at your event and upload them to a single place to be found by your participants, either as free downloads, or by selling their images for the athletes to purchase.

  • How much does it cost us to use FlashFrame at our event?

    The use of Flashframe, creating an album, our photo recognition software, and searchable photo database is free. If you intend to sell photos in your album FlashFrame takes an automatic 31% cut on the photo sales. We also have advanced features for small fees that can truly bring your race photos to the next level, you can look through those below.

  • How do runners benefit? I can't find my race on your site.

    Runners will be able to quickly find and download all of their images. If you use photographers, they will be able to purchase photos directly from photographers, bolstering local businesses. Athletes are also given the option of ordering prints.

  • I requested an event but I can't find it on your site?

    If you've requested a photo album, someone from our team will create the album for you. It won't be viewable until the week of the event to prevent early uploads.

  • Unanswered question?

    Please review our help page for more answers to common questions here

FlashFrame for Event Directors & Timers

Host unique photo albums for all of your events.

All photographers, participants, volunteers from an event can contribute to your album, but you control who contributes.

Photos are tagged and searchable almost instantly. Participants can download images the day of the event.

Track photo downloads and event traffic to continually improve your marketing.

Improve your brand with custom event watermarks, or sell sponsor ad space within your photo album.

API Integrations

Include all of the FlashFrame features on your own domain, customized around your page and branding, ask about API integrations.


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