Frequently Asked Questions on Flashframe


1. I searched my bib number and can’t find photos of myself, can you help me?
We suggest searching by alternative methods like time, position, or, our patented color search. If that yields no results, look in the results and search by people who finished near you, you may be hiding in the picture! There's also a chance part of you bib may be obscured or not visible. Try searching permutations of your bib without all of the digits.

2. I can't download my photo in my email, can you help me?
If you can see it, you can download it. In most email accounts you can right click on the image and select save. Some email clients will also display a download symbol when hovering over the image. If you are still having issues downloading your photo we suggest you read the following article:

3. Do you offer quantity discounts?
If you don’t see one offered, we don’t have one. Flashframe is used as a hosting site for photography. Photographers have the option to create package deals if they want, so if you don’t see one, that means they decided not to create one.


1. The site isn't working on my computer, can you help me?
We design first and foremost for Google Chrome, we cannot guarantee successful use of any other browser outside of Google Chrome for photographers, however we do everything in our power to make sure there is also compatibility for runners viewing photos in other browsers. We also update our site very frequently releasing new features and tools on an almost daily frequency, you may need to clear your cache to ensure that old cached resources are not causing errors on your page.

2. I just created an album. Why isn't can't I see it on your home page?
Albums that are created with the "Private" checkmark checked will not be searchable from the main FlashFrame page. You will need to share the link with your participants for them to be able to see their photos. Other photographers will also be unable to upload photos to private albums.

3. I just upload a bunch of photos, why aren't they showing up?
Once photos have been uploaded to FlashFrame they go through our algorithms for tagging, watermarking, sorting and indexing. Depending on the amount of photos that you upload this may take a few minutes. If the upload portal confirms your photo uploaded correctly (the blue bar reaches 100%) then your photos are successfully received and will soon be processed. If you've waited more than 12 hours and still don't see your photos please reach out and let us know. Please also note that if you don't have a registered credit/debit card on file then you're photos won't be available.

4. I added a logo to be added to my photos, why isn't it appearing?
Logos need to be added to the album from the home pages via editing the gallery before photos are uploaded. The logos will be placed on the photos during our indexing and tagging steps. If add a logo to a gallery after you have uploaded photos we will not be able to add those logos to the photos retroactively.

5. I’m having trouble uploading, all my photos are being rejected. Why?
There are a few reasons you're photo uploads may be erroring. If you're getting a 504 error, that means your connection is timing out. Check your internet connection, and try again. If you’re getting a 404, an error message should be included and more often than not will tell you the exact problem. Most frequently this error is caused by file size being too big--we limit upload size to 4MB to ensure all of our users can receive the photos you are selling. A 404 error may also occur if you did not fill out all required fields before uploading, like event or a price.

6. What’s the difference between pro and standard prints?
The quality is higher on pro prints than on standard prints from both a paper and ink perspective.

7. Can you tag by auto cam and timing data?
Yes, please contact us at with the subject line ‘Auto Cam’ and the necessary info and we can get you setup.

8. Do you offer volume discounts for high volume photographers?
Yes, again please contact and we can discuss high volume price breaks.

9. Do you have suggestions on how to create a good email template?
There are many posts across the internet on how to create a good email template, many by companies like Mailchimp etc. You can build your template there, and import it over. Feel free to checkout our blog too for suggestions.

10. Can I upload photos larger than 4MB?
Due to the enormous volume of photos we get, we cannot allow files larger than 4MB to be uploaded to the site. The 4MB limit also ensure that regardless of platform or device, all of your customers will be able to successfully receive their purchased photos. Don’t worry, we’ve thousands of photos sold through Flashframe and are sure that 4MB carries enough data to make everyone happy. You can find more information here.

11. Can I have different prices for each event?
We created pricelists to handle this exact situation. Create a pricelist under management, then select the desired pricelist on the Galleries page for the album you would like to apply it. When you’re uploading photos you can also set specific photos to have a price, this price is only for default high res images, all prints prices or low resolution digitals will be inherited from the pricelist.

12. The tagging is off on my album, can you take another look?
Flashframe relies on algorithmic tagging for a majority of its tagging, any that are missed we then double check manually. Despite having the most accurate tagging algorithms on the market we still have a small margin for error especially when your bibs are incredibly unique, nonstandard, or difficult to read. We have a few blog posts that outline best practices for bibs and what leads to more accurate tagging for both our algorithms and human taggers. If your tags need a second pass, we can take engage album wide manual tagging at a cost of 2c per photo. You can request this by clicking into your album in the Galleries page and opening the advanced features to select "Engage Manual Tagging".

13. Can you explain your pricing?
Our pricing may seem a bit complicated at first but we attempt to maintain as much transparency as possible. Any photo that you are uploading to sell on the website, ie. the price of the photo is greater than $0 will be tagged for free and available at no storage cost for 1 year. If you sell the photo you will receive 69% of the final sale. The other 31% of the sale of the photo includes credit card fees, ingress, egress charges and FlashFrame's commission on the sale.
If you would like to make your photos available for free download, ie. photo cost is $0 then each photo will be assessed a $0.05 charge upon upload. This charge includes tagging and storage for a year. Our algorithms will attempt to tag all visible bibs in the photo as well as registering time indexing using the photo ex-if data and applying FlashFrame's patented color search algorithm to the shirts of participants in the photo. After our algorithms pass through the photos we also engage manual taggers to confirm that the tags are accurate.