Introducing Staffing With FlashFrame

One of the largest pain points in the sports photography industry is hiring for events. Event Owners struggle to find qualified photographers often resorting to a mix of Craigslist, Facebook, and word of mouth. On the flipside, photographers have no place to display their work and leverage their experience into new gigs. Over the years FlashFrame has become a consumer of our own product, hiring photographers and staffing events around the world. We’ve decided to put these learnings into action for all users of the site.

Today we’re announcing the launch of our beta FlashFrame Staffing Portal. A detailed walkthrough is available at the links below, with instructions for both Event Owners seeking to staff events and Photographers looking for work. Our solution aims to extend FlashFrame’s original “network” philosophy, allowing anyone to take photos, but enabling photographers to find work at nearby events, and Event Owners and Photography companies to easily find and hire staff.

FlashFrame will be staffing our core events using this portal as much as possible, so if you’re interested in working at an event for either FlashFrame or another company that uses our software, be sure to sign up to join our network! Since this is a beta, there are still a lot of wrinkles to iron out, so feel free to share feedback directly with the FrameFrame team and we’ll be happy to continue to iterate. Expect to see the ability to filter for nearby events and see hiring statistics in the near future.

To view details about how to use this new experience check out our blog posts below for both Photographers, and Event Owners.

Staffing for Photographers

Staffing for Event Owners

We're looking forward to what the 2020 season has to bring. Thanks for your continued support and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

- Nate Robinson,