Flashframe is at the 2019 United Airlines Guam Marathon

Share great memories with friends through Flashframe

Flashframe allows runners to find affordable race photography from spectators and local photographers.

How Flashframe Photography Works


Download the App

Free to download, our app allows photos to be immediately uploaded to our site.


Take Photos

Use the app or your own camera. Upload via the app, or directly through the Flashframe website


Earn Money

Profit on each photo purchased. You'll receive an email notification when you make a sale

Frequently asked questions

How do I benefit as a runner?

Running photography is usually limited to finish line shots, however, no one knows the course better than a local! Flashframe enables local photographers and spectators to participate in the photography and capture that photo that only the locals know about. Ultimately you'll have more photos to choose from and more memories to share when you get home.

How do Flashframe payments work?

Everything is handled securely through Stripe. Photographers will receive direct deposits through Stripe and need to setup accounts right after their first purchased picture.

Can I take pictures of anyone?

Yes, we ask that you please listen to event officials if they ask you to move off the course, or to move to another location, and make sure to take respectful pictures of participants.

How much of the transaction do I keep?

You keep 70% of the transaction. The remaining 30% goes to Flashframe, DOCOMO Pacific, the Guam Marathon, our credit card processor, Stripe.

I've never taken pictures at a marathon, do you have tips?

Yes! We recommend you checkout our blog for tips on how to take GREAT running photos: https://www.flashframe.io/blog/sports-photography-guide/