Flashframe: Starter Package



Store up to 10,000 images.

*Free for first 12 months. $0.001 per image, per month thereafter.

Image Tagging Technology

*31% on photos sold, or 5c per free photo uploaded

Instant upload onto gallery store.

Upgrade at any time for:

Full features, priority support & customization integrations.



We have a global network of photographers.

Find photographers in your area and hire them to photograph your race.

We vet the contract and provide payment terms in escrow.


Tagging: racers can search by shirt color, time of day, geolocation, and bib number.

We run all photos through FlashFrame’s custom tagging program, they then undergo human review where lowest confidence is present.

Tagging analytics: our algorithm will match race participants generating a list of those who captured and those who weren’t by bib number, allowing you to accurately build email campaigns to each individual race goer.


Generate email campaign with a variety of custom template options.

Campaigns include scheduling, coupons, simple email list upload and targeted emails by individual and group.

Full analytics on emails, coupons and sales; hour by hour, day by day.

Dynamic sharing to Facebook; see who is sharing, and what photos are being shared.

Custom sponsorship placement; dynamic integration of up to two logos on each photo.


Create custom price lists per photograph.

State by state sales tax calculation included in all sales (USA).

Credit card fees included in all sales.

Whilst photos can be purchased digitally, we also offer a drop-ship printed photo service.

We take a commission on sold photos to offset the cost of tagging, or charge 5c for digital photos that are distributed for free.